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SISCommerce is one of the most complete e-commerce solutions for the maritime industry, allowing for efficient communication between buyer, suppliers and freight forwarders. Constantly feeding the purchasing systems with up to date statuses and information from the suppliers, SISCommerce contributes to a truly efficient purchasing process.

SISCommerce facilitates communications with suppliers through the SISCommerce web solution or through the supplier’s preferred e-commerce portal. SISCommerce has a roaming agreement with ErgoGroup MarineLink.

SISCommerce allows for configuration of inquiries and orders to match the buyer’s profile and requirements. Company logo, contact details and terms and conditions can be added to all SISCommerce documents, and can also be configured for multiple company divisions.

User friendly
SISCommerce integrates with the Star FSM and Star CPS purchasing systems, requiring no additional user interface for the buyer. For the suppliers, SISCommerce offers an easy-to-use web portal which is free of charge to use.

SISCommerce allows for inquiries and orders to be sent electronically by the click of a button in the purchasing system. On return, quotations and order confirmations from suppliers are automatically uploaded into the system, saving the purchaser valuable time that is normally spent on retyping data from e-mail or fax.

Statuses on inquiries and orders are automatically updated so that the purchaser can easily monitor supplier actions, and SISCommerce also sends out automated reminders to suppliers who have unopened inquiries or orders.

To ease the freight planning, freight forwarders can receive automated e-mail notifications from SISCommerce when the buyer sends an order requiring the freight forwarder’s services. The buyer selects which freight forwarders should receive notifications, and the service is free of charge for the freight forwarder.

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